The Signs of our Times

The Cost Of LIving Is On The Rise

Get it off me! Get it off me!

Now in the depths of the Lazarus Facility, our heros made their way down into the narrow hallways of Vault 17. There, horrors unimaginable assailed them from the darkness, horrors that had once been humans. Finally reaching the huge observation chamber that contained the Hive Mind, our heros activated the fail-safe that incinerated the grotesque pillar of flesh that commanded the Mycomorphs. When they reached the hangar bay, they discovered that a single ship had been launched, evidence suggested that a Mycomorph piloted the ship away. If this is so, then the Mycomorph scorgue could spread far beyond the Lazarus Facility, even beyond the Americas. Steven learned of a name: Kensington, who released the test subjects from the observation chamber. En route to Sutter’s Farm in a stolen helicopter, it was revealed that John had become infected with Mycomorph spores and transformed into a lasher. They crashed just outside of Quebec…



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