Mycomorph Strangler

What appears to be a human spinal column with the head still attached, with a clawed arm protruding from the mouth.


Mycomorph Strangler Tiny-sized Undead (Mycomorph); HD 2d4, HP 8; Mas NA; Init+8; Speed 40ft; Defence 24, touch 18, flat-footed 19; BAB+2; Grap+12; ATK+2; Melee, Spine lash (none, but 2d8 each round after succesful grapple) or, claw (1d4+2); FS 2; Reach 10ft; SQ Undead immunities, Mycomorph traits, Blindsight 60 ft, AL none; SV Fort+2, Ref+8, Will+0; AP 0; Rep+0, Str 15, Dex 20, Con-, Int 2, Wis 4, Cha 12 Skills: Climb+10, Move Silently+18 Feats: Track, Stealthy, Weapon Finesse (Spine Lash) Mycomorph traits: Never grants combat advantage for any reason, immune to psionic powers, bludgeoning and piercing weapons, can see through the eyes of any other Mycomorphs on the same planet. This ability ceases to funtion if the Hive Mind is killed.


Mycomorph Strangler

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