Mycomorph Burster

The "carrier" form of the Mycomorph race


Mycomorph Burster Medium-sized Undead (Mycomorph); HD 1d4, HP 4; Mas NA; Init 8, Speed 10ft; Defence 3, Touch 0, Flat-footed 1; BAB +0; Grap -3; ATK-3; Melee, Slam (1d4-2); FS 5; Reach 0; SQ Undead Immunities, Mycomorph traits, Blind sight 60 ft, Death Explosion; AL none; SV Fort-5, Ref-10, Will+0; AP 0; Rep+0, Str 2, Dex 1, Con, Int 11, Wis 4, Cha 2; Skills: none Feats: none Death Explosion: When a Mycomorph Burster is reduced to 0 hit points, it explodes, and exposes all within 60 feet to come in contact with Mycomorph Spores. Those who fail a reflex save (DC 18), take 1d6 points of constitution damage each hour. When their constitution score reaches 0, they transform into a Mycomorph breed. Mycomorph traits: Never grants combat advantage for any reason, immune to psionic powers,can see through the eyes of any other Mycomorphs on the same planet. This ability ceases to funtion if the Hive Mind is killed.


first encountered in Chapter 3: Not Of This World.

Mycomorph Burster

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