Mutant Phreaker

Psionic mutants


Mutant Phreaker CR 4; Medium-sized Mutated Humanoid (human); HD 4d6, hp 24; Mas 10; Initiative+0; Speed 30 ft; Defence 15, Touch 15, Flat-footed 12; BAB+2; ATK+2; Unarmed 1d4+2; FS 5 ft; Reach 0; Mutations: Frailty, Psionic Talent Major x4, Psionic Talent Moderate x3, Psionic Talent Minor x6; Saves: Fort-4, Ref+3, Will+6; Abilities: Strength 9, Dexterity 16, Constitution 10, Intelligence 19, Wisdom 14, Charisma 15; Skills: Autohypnosis+10, Search+10, Psicraft+13, Speak English; Feats: Nimble, Stealthy, Iron Will; Psi-like abilities Manifester Level 4 1/day: Inflict Pain, Levitate, Concussion, Fire Bolt 2/day: Darkvision, Control Object 3/day: Burst, Daze, Detect Psionics, Missive, Far Punch, Valor


Phreakers are gaunt mutants that have psychic talent. First encountered in the chapter, Sutter’s Place.

Mutant Phreaker

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