The Signs of our Times

Into the dark

"These zip-ties ought to come in handy..."

Our tale begins as four strangers are taken from a train to Chicago to be interrogated for suspected fraternization with the Resistance. Each was mind scanned by an officer of the Thought Police, but the heros managed to lie to him in thought. All except the lawman, whose fingernails exploded due to the psychic stress of the probe. The officer was about to release the heros when the Resistance staged an attack on the compound. One of the heros,Brandon, reveled that it was he who was the member of the Resistance the officer was searching for. Brandon met up the commander of the Resistance cell, Robert “Pen” Stansfield, who told him to take the rest of the captives and make a run for the subways where they would meet up with Sutter on the other side. After a rather intense escape from Chicago, involving a narrow escape from a peacekeeper, our heros arrived at the subway entrance, the guide at the entrance gave them an flood light that gave off ultra-violet light, and told them to look out for creepers… Later, in the tunnels, they began to get the feeling that they were being stalked, and indeed, a small horde of creepers had taken an interest in the group. The heros came upon the corpse of the man that was supposed to guide them to the correct fork in the subway, our heros fatefully chose the right path. They later came upon a briefcase full of zip-ties, and the corpse of a UN solider. They used the gasoline from a wrecked train to set a diversion for the creepers while they escaped. Later, they came upon another downed train, Steven climbed aboard to search for supplies while the others waited outside, meanwhile the battery on their flashlight sank to 1/4 full. Outside, the creepers decided that they had waited long enough, and attacked. They began to mob the train that held Steven, and the battle began… Suggested theme for entering the subway:



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